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Mayo Clinic Laboratories believes in strong local laboratories. We help laboratories build and grow outreach programs that increase hospital revenue, decrease costs, and most importantly, improve patient care. Our team of industry-leading experts supports providers across the United States with a suite of solutions to develop outreach opportunities.

The foundation of our outreach program is our enduring mission to keep health care local. We work closely with health care providers to build and sustain outreach activities, provide esoteric and specialty testing, and position community laboratories as centers of excellence.


Recent Articles

In collaboration with G2 Intelligence and author Jeff Downs, Mayo Clinic Laboratories has secured the rights for our clients to download this G2 Special Report.
By Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team • March 26, 2019
To realize its full potential, a laboratory outreach program must be managed as a business—a service line within an organization. This article discusses how health care organizations can adopt this approach for new and existing outreach programs in MedicalLab Management.
By Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team • March 19, 2019