Skilled Nursing Facilities – Laboratory Outreach Best Practices Survey

Many hospital outreach programs currently provide laboratory services to Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs). Through supporting SNF testing, you may be fulfilling your mission to serve your community and/or providing a laboratory continuum within your health system. Serving SNFs can be challenging due to the service-intense nature of this market segment. Further, it can be difficult to obtain accurate information to facilitate Part A and Part B Medicare billing processes. Lastly, due to the implementation of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) in 2018, Medicare payment is decreasing.

Although operational and reimbursement challenges exist, many laboratory outreach programs continue to serve Skilled Nursing Facilities and their patient populations. We invite you to participate in a brief survey to better understand how laboratory outreach programs serve SNFs and to identify best practices for serving this unique population. This survey will remain open until July 26, 2019 and we will post survey results to our Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach website. Thank you for your participation.

The link to the survey is here:  

Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team (@mayocliniclaboratoriesoutreachteam)

Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team

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