Leveraging the Lab is Coming

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Lab industry professionals from across the country are gathering in Nashville, TN on September 24th and 25th to learn from industry professionals about laboratory outreach. It’s the 31st conference, and this year Leveraging the Lab is aiming to educate laboratory professionals on the four actions required for outreach program success: Invest, Anticipate, Adapt, and Execute.

Here’s what others have said about the conference from previous years:

“I enjoyed being able to connect with my peers and discover how they’re developing their outreach programs.”

“Great chance to hear from peers and see what has and has not worked for them.”

“I thought it was excellent. Very meaningful and relevant to issues impacts laboratory systems today. Worth every second.”

Whether your outreach program is just starting or fully developed, Leveraging the Lab will give you the tools to grow and provide excellent networking with peers. Click here to register now!

Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team (@mayocliniclaboratoriesoutreachteam)

Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team

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