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Learn about the latest in laboratory compliance billing, including topics such as PAMA and COVID-19. This free webinar will review seven fundamental elements of a laboratory compliance program, ordering documentation requirements, OIG and CMS reviews, national and local coverage determination, PLA codes, and the gap-filled fee process.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team • February 8, 2022

With the passing of S.610, PAMA's mandated reimbursement cuts and reporting requirements are delayed one year, to January 1, 2023.

By Jane Hermansen, MBA, MT(ASCP) • December 10, 2021

American Society of Clinical Pathologists hosted a concurrent LIVE and Virtual conference in October. Read Ellen Dijkman Dulkes's summary.

By Ellen J. Dijkman Dulkes MS, MT(ASCP) • November 19, 2021

On September 27-28, 2021, Mayo Clinic Laboratories held its 32nd Leveraging the Laboratory conference, virtually. Outreach programs were strengthened by the pandemic and continue to thrive.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team • October 26, 2021

Providing a financial view of the laboratory outreach program will gain mutual understanding and support from leadership.

By Jane Hermansen, MBA, MT(ASCP) • August 7, 2020

Pediatric patients pose a unique challenge for the laboratory. Creating a positive experience can impact their impression of the laboratory for many years.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team • April 17, 2020

In collaboration with G2 Intelligence and author Jeff Downs, Mayo Clinic Laboratories has secured the rights for our clients to download this G2 Special Report.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team • March 26, 2019

To realize its full potential, a laboratory outreach program must be managed as a business—a service line within an organization. This article discusses how health care organizations can adopt this approach for new and existing outreach programs in MedicalLab Management.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team • March 19, 2019

A recent article featured in MedicalLab Management outlined how to integrate laboratory outreach across the health system. Vertical integration of laboratory services is critical to support the delivery of care in each area of patient access across the continuum.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories Outreach Team • March 18, 2019